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My top favourite 5 self-help books!

I wanted to write a blog about them for a looonnggg time and today I managed to do it so. I thought about sharing about the books that literally helped me alot in my life and in this way, maybe many of few can find a good book to help yoirself as well. Reading books is all fun and enjoying, but we all know, there are always those books that stay with you forever and these are those non-fiction/fiction self-help books that are going to stay in my heart and mind forever. That made me learn so much!


Ok, I know alot of you must have already read this one. It’s pretty famous for it’s extra ordinary content in it and an optimistic and empowering story line. Why I dearly love it is because while I was reading it, i was finding that little optimistic me inside myself and this book helped me to think about life in a very different way.


Well, besides the language in it, this book aggressively shoves you to the reality around you and makes you think about the REAL PROBLEMS and REAL SOLUTIONS which i was surprised to read about. It was such an eye opening read for me and I also read it during my depression era of my life so 👀 yay me!


Now this is the book I don’t see alot around in this bookstagraming community. I feel like this book deserves more attention than it has. This is one of the first self help books that I have read and it only talks about women empowering and motherhood. It’s a real life story of the writer Elif Shafak herself. The way she explained everything is really enjoyable and understanding. You will find yourself getting lost in her sweet way of writing thoughts and ideas and ofc will learn tons of helpful things.


I also read this one during my depression, because reading books made me learn so many stuff. This book was all about it and cherry on the top ‘in the perspective of Islam’. The writer talks about himself and his traumas. From being a depressed non practicing muslim to a good person. He teaches the readers about this theory of ‘Inside out paradigm’. How you can cure yourself through this theory and realization of diverting your thoughs from negative to positive.


I literally have no words for this one. I know alot of you must have read it. It’s one of those best must read books you gotta have as soon as you can and if you still haven’t read it, i assure you, you will not regret reading it and will enjoy every second while learning some extra ordinary and very thoughtful ideas and motivations shared by Lily Singh to you.
And that’s all!

These books have helped me alot in my practical and moral life. I learned alot about my emotion stability and healing of my mental health. They taught me everything I wanted to know and that’s one of the reasons they are gonna stay with me forever!

QOTD: Tell me atleast 1 of your fav self help bool or a book that you have learned so much from…



An ordinary, seventeen year old, Pakistani student, studying in college. Loves writing about things that matters to her, poetries and book reviews.

3 thoughts on “My top favourite 5 self-help books!

    1. Yes, it helped me alot in improving my daily life schedule and my mentality.. I was going through a very bad depression. These books helped me to shape my thoughts about my life and stand on my feet to fight it all..

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