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Decision Making

Making a decision is a major part of your life. In every step and aspect of your life, you come to this point, where you have to make decisions on your own and get ready for the consequences. It happens mostly when you are entering your practical life. Students usually go through hard times in making decisions for their future lives and accepting the idea of it being depended on them and them only.

No doubt, everyone had a part of their life where they had to make a decision and they did. Some feel bad about it and some are happy that they made those good decisions. But, let me tell you something, it’s not your thought of making a decision, it’s sometimes you, working hard for it. Yes. That’s how you make it right my friends.

Following are the steps for making your decisions turn into the right thing to decide!

STEP # 1

The very first step is to actually know your decision. It’s not like you can just go with anything you see. Know the situation, consequences and the possibilities of it going good(even if they are low). You just have to know it better than anyone else around you. It’s really important.

STEP # 2

Find all the possibilities you can think of with this decision to spread it more into your life by using information and your imaginations. It will help you to get more into it and have more possibilities of making it right 😉

STEP # 3

The last step is to choose the best for yourself. Now that you have created a lot of imaginations in your head, you have to choose the best one and work for it. Even if you fail, you can go back and use your other alternatives and add more to it as you earned more experience. But, there is one thing! Don’t turn away, never. Just keep moving forward. Failing can be embarrassing, but, it only helps you more. Maybe, there is more stuff for you to know.

There is one more thing to say. This blog was inspired by the book I have read more than a year ago “Black Milk” by Elif Shafak. It talks about women empowerment, creativity and decision making. There was one thing that really made me aware of my situation.

She explained how no matter on what position you are in, in your life, you will sometimes want the opposite. You WILL wish it to be like something you could have done earlier. But, the truth is, even if you would have done the way you want it now, you will still want it differently in that alternative life of yours.

Now, all you should do is cherish what you have achieved and work hard for the best!

Thank you for reading~

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An ordinary, seventeen year old, Pakistani student, studying in college. Loves writing about things that matters to her, poetries and book reviews.

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