The Cages We Have Created (poetry)

Up holding my higher
But weak and sensitive
I draw lines and drawings
With colours and ideas
To cope

To cope up with things
And turn them into magic
The world seems to flee
Inside every tragic

But a time occurs
When you gaze into my stars
With dark intentions
And create scars

I run back to the cages
The society has created
Cutting down my wings
And be a platter to be presented

-Shafia Yousuf~


Another Sunrise (poetry)

Like a rose
that keeps blooming,
though the thorns don’t go away.
Or an ocean,
having jewels deep inside,
where there goes no ray.

Like a sky, having
never ending
or like the planets
that keep
rotating around the sun
that never warms them up.

I sigh away my heart
as another sunrise shines through the horizons
and I feet hurt
‘Cuz i couldn’t sleep or keep myself away

from the chains i am stuck with