Those old Souls (poetry)

As a kid,
I used to hold on to you.
Grasping your finger,
sorrounded by the colour blue.
Blue sky,
blue sea.
Shades of blue
in my veins.

No matter what I did,
I always knew, you are looking after me.

Time haven’t changed much now,
but, it’s only the other way around.
Where I was skipping and falling,
now, I am looking and holding,
Holding you.
So you don’t stumble
with your legs
or your words.

Somethings do turn old,
but, sometimes, somethings never change.

I am talking about those old souls and our childhood best friends, who did literally everything for us to be able to be what we want to be. And when we do become something, it’s then on us to provide them solace with our hands and words.

So many prayers to all the beautiful and strong parents around the world!! Our real heroes.. 💕

It’s You (poetry)

It is about the nights you fight
and days you smile,
emotions you hide
and all those lies.
It’s just a world we’re living in
and the truth we disguise

It’s about the strength you have,
how strong you are
that the sky and clouds
can’t stop ranting about.

It’s you,
the whole universe works for.
It’s you,
who makes the whole garden bloom.